Householder’s Options to Protect the Environment are Calling New Members, Supporters and Volunteers!

Are you one of the growing number of Aussies that wants to do more for our environment but aren’t sure where to start?

HOPE can help you bring it all together, by providing you with solutions that will help you make a difference and providing you with the tools you need to adopt simple, sustainable living practices.

HOPE looks at current environmental issues- big and small- and transforms them into simple, practical solutions that everyone can do to make a difference.

HOPE also offer simple steps to help you think about your environmental footprint and live more gently on Earth.

HOPE also provides: -Updates and explanations about current environmental issues to help you take notice of the big picture;

-Resources, workshops, meetings and practical suggestions about sustainable living, helping you to take action as an individual; and

-A passionate community of like-minded people and contacts, helping you lead by example.

Becoming an active member or volunteer of HOPE is the perfect way to "think globally, act locally".

For more info, to subscribe to HOPE's Newsletter, or to become a member for FREE, as an individual, family, business or community organization click here, or contact them via phone by calling 4639 2135 or contact them via email by clicking here.