Think 4WK - think Classic Hits, Talk Back, Sport and Entertainment.

4WK has been informing and entertaining local listeners since 1935 – we started broadcasting in Warwick and have expanded our coverage over the last near 80 years.

4WK now boasts popular shows such as John Laws, Tradio, Carter Edwards, Talkin’ Sport and much more.

We broadcast to the following towns and areas; Toowoomba, Pittsworth, Millmerran, Clifton, Allora, Warwick, Stanthorpe, Crows Nest, Highfields, Dalby, Oakey, Tara, Goondiwindi, Boonah, Esk and more.

Our Location; We’ve been everywhere, man -  from the old Chronicle Building in Ruthven Street, to our current historical location on the corner of James and Hume Streets.Our current location, Denis House, has had a long and prosperous history. Built in the 1870s, it was once one of Toowoomba’s best homes. The home was even owned by the Patterson family, whose son, Frank J. Patterson, would later become mayor of Toowoomba in 1930.

From the 1890s to World War II, Denis House served as a hospital to non-infectious cases. Renamed as St Dennis Hospital, the property was the location where Sister Elizabeth Kenny conducted much of her experiments and research into polio disease.

After World War II, Denis House then became a boarding house for businessmen in the area, catering for bankers and professional men. Its purpose soon changed, and the building was then used as a home for people that society had rejected. It was during this time that the then-kitchen area caught fire, destroying that part of the building. Since rebuilt, that area now holds our studios and newsroom. 

Our network is divided into two defined brands.

News, Sport, Talk and Entertainment (4WK)
Our News, Talk, Sport and Entertainment network consists of twenty AM stations located across New South Wales and Queensland. These are the heritage stations of their local service area as they have long been the established voice of their local area. Our News, Talk, Sport and Entertainment 
network targets all people 40+.


The Hit Music Network (4AK)
The Super Radio Network’s hit music network consists of fifteen FM stations across New South Wales and Queensland, and one AM station in Queensland. These stations are supplementary to our existing stations and provide a brand of content that plays all the big hits and reflects the 18 – 45 year culture.


  • Toowoomba 95.5FM

  • Darling Downs 963AM

  • Dalby 95.9FM

  • Stanthorpe 91.5FM

  • Granite Belt 91.5FM