The thought of advertising can sometimes bring a cold sweat to business owners and operators, in fact the very thought of organising a costly 

advertising campaign can be overwhelming so much so that it all becomes 'too hard'.

Here at 4WK you'll find we're extremely flexible, our rates are competitive, and we are more than happy to design a tailored campaign based on your
requirements and available investment.

The 4WK team can create a sales promotion specifically designed to maximise your business message helping to sell products and motivate 

Our sales consultants and promotional staff are able to advise you on the best placement for the most effective use of your advertising investment.
With a little help from our team of experienced writers and producers you will have a professionally produced advertising campaign on air in no time.

4WK targets those aged 40+ with a mix of News, Talk, Sport and Entertainment. 4WK is a heritage station and is proud to service the local area.